About MiliTactical

MiliTactical is a Veteran owned outfitter of Military and Tactical bags and backpacks

We are a veteran owned company who has a passion for all members of the Armed Forces past and present. We also have many friends in the Law Enforcement community. We firmly stand behind our uniformed men and women who serve to protect our country as well as our states and municipalities.

MiliTactical specializes in Military and Tactical bags and backpacks because they are more used than any other piece of equipment. I carried a good ole’ Alice Pack while stationed at Ft. Drum years ago. I carried it out in the field in -10 deg temps. I road marched with it on my back for 28 miles. Without that rucksack no soldier could carry all of the stuff you need to survive. The Bags and Packs we carry at MiliTactical range from rucksacks to molle pouches. These bags are used in so many places: Military training and field, Law enforcement, Airsoft, Hunting, Camping, MilSim, Bug Out and Preppers and way more. Without a rugged and durable pack, there’s no way we can carry all the loadout or gear we need to survive, or to have fun in the good ole’ outdoors.

Phone: 1-800-202-6823
5600 Lexington Circle
Lumberton, Tx 77657