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The 9 Survival Training Basics Everyone Should Know

Sure, you’ve watched all the shows on Discovery channel, poured over the Youtube tutorials, maybe even have your bug-out bag packed and ready. But do you really have the survival training skills it takes to survive in a wilderness situation? Disaster can strike in the most benign situations. Maybe a flash flood leaves you stranded

Know Your Gear: Picking the Right Military Backpack

Those of you living an active, outdoor lifestyle will already be quick to tell others how an average backpack you pick up off the shelves of Walmart just won’t cut it. If camping, hunting, survival, and an all-around outdoorsy expedition is in the works then it’s apparent that the pack needs to be durable, comfortable, and

How to Build the Best Bug Out Bag Under 25 lbs

Occam’s razor essentially says that the simplest, easiest solution is almost always the right one. Well at MiliTactical, we love our Occam’s razor. And when it comes to building the best bug out bag, we think the best is the lightest. Here’s how you can build the absolute best bug out bag you’ve ever seen

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