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The right tactical gear can make all the difference in an emergency or high pressure situation. This holds true for clothing and supplies as well as the tactical bags used to transport it all. MiliTactical offers military backpacks and other tactical bags for use in all situations. We are a veteran owned company with friends and allies in the armed forces and police. Our bags are designed to keep everything you need safe even in the toughest and most severe conditions.


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We offer a large selection of backpacks, molle pouches, and other tactical bags. These bags are designed for use outdoors and in adverse environments and can hold up to a good deal of wear and tear. However, the simple practical design of many of our bags means that you can also use them for travel and simple day-to-day transport. A large number of different sizes and designs ensure that you can always find the right bag for your tactical needs.

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Many of our bags are certified for use by the military or law enforcement agencies. This means they are made of tough and durable materials and feature ergonomic construction that is more comfortable to wear and carry. We stock a number of different bag designs, including day packs, larger packs that are suitable for carrying several days’ worth of supplies.

Specialty designs such as backpacks on wheels and shoulder bags are also available. We also carry tactical bags specially designed for laptops, tools, and concealed carry. Whether you are looking for an all-purpose bag that can see you through in any situation or specialty carry for carrying out a specific job, we have a tactical bag for you.

Military Discounts

As a veteran owned business, we are committed to giving back to the military community. We offer a 25 percent discount for enlisted military personnel and veterans for every order placed online. We do not require proof of service in order to claim your discount, but we do want to know what area of the military you are or were enrolled in.

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Make sure that you are prepared for any situation with tactical bags and backpacks from MiliTactical. We have precisely the bag you need to survive in a dangerous situation or simply to enjoy time in the great outdoors. Protect yourself and your gear with military bags, tactical backpacks, and more. Browse our selection online or give us a call at 1-855-895-1895 if you have any questions.



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